About Us

SG Veg Farms is dedicated to a singular and transformative mission – bringing farms to consumers with the shortest food miles, ensuring the freshest and most delicious produce for our local community. We are committed to achieving this goal through our unique approach, which includes the utilization of green “roofs” on previously underused HDB multi-storey carparks. These structures not only add to the aesthetic appeal of our urban landscape but also seamlessly integrate smart technology to enhance farming efficiency, addressing critical factors such as land use and manpower optimization.

As pioneers in our field, we proudly stand as the first and only semi-automated urban farms situated on HDB multi-storey carparks. Singapore, with its extensive network of similar carparks, scattered across the island and characterized by standardized layouts, provides us with a remarkable opportunity to employ a “cookie-cutter” model. This approach enables us to rapidly extend our vision, bringing farms to diverse regions within a short time frame—a unique landscape that sets Singapore apart from anywhere else in the world.

Our commitment goes beyond producing high-quality, sustainably-grown vegetables. We understand the importance of education and community engagement. As such, we offer farm tours and workshops designed for various age groups and levels of expertise. These programs cover a wide range of topics, from sustainability and food security to cutting-edge green technology in urban farming.

At SG Veg Farms, we are not just growing vegetables; we are sowing the seeds of a more sustainable future and fostering a deeper connection between the community and the food they consume. We invite you to be a part of our journey and to explore the possibilities of urban farming, right here in the heart of Singapore.

Our Founder

  • A neuroscientist, with a focus on neuronal development, brain circuitry and cognitive abilities in normal and diseased brains.
  • Previous roles: A/Prof with Duke-NUS School of Medicine, Principal Investigator at National Neuroscience Institute, and Adjunct A/Prof with Lee Kong Chian School Of Medicine.
  • John Hopkins University – Post-doctoral fellow (2005 – 2008)