About Us



Our initial thought is solely based on our passion on growing vegetables with the least food miles for the local community as well as creating aesthetically pleasing environment and reducing carbon food-prints.


As a Singaporean, we knew that Singapore is a small country with limited resources. When the COVID-19 pandemic strike, we have realised the importance of safeguarding our own food security. Our CORE Team have come together and believe we can contribute our part as a Singaporean to protect our own food resources. 

Our Mission

At SG Veg Farms, our mission is to align with our nation's 30:30 vision on self sustainability of food sources in Singapore.

Our priority is to provide occupations for local community to work in a clean and green environment.

Our wish is to deliver the passion and knowledge to the future generations on the importance of safeguarding food security and the functionality on urban farming in Singapore.


Our answer – Simple is Best

* Simplify planting and harvesting processes with more effective land use and higher yield

* Simple and healthy food


  • Clean – Pesticide and soil-free produce – Hydroponics in Greenhouse
  • Fresh – Reduce food miles – Freshness assured with direct farm to store/home route


We are committed to deliver the best and freshest produce to Singaporeans every day. We supply supermarkets and independent retailers with hydroponically grown produce.